A little more about me….

Now that I have given you some idea of what my purpose of being here is, thought it might be a good idea to give you a little more information on me and who I am.

Who is team Elizabeth?

I am the proud mom of two elementary school kids who are the loves of my life. And now is the part where I gush just a little about how lucky I am! My daughter is 10 and my son is 9. They are both amazing smart and funny kids who are completely different individuals. My boy is tough and fearless, thinks he is the next Tony Hawk LOL! He loves technical / mechanical things and how everything works and is put together. My girl is sweet, sensitive and one of the most creative and artistic little humans I have ever seen. She loves cats more than anything in the world. Both of my kids have the biggest hearts and are extremely caring and loyal. They watch after each other and always stand up for each other. Love you my beautiful babies!

My kids are super excited about my new website here and I asked them each for a first quote. Here are the quotes I was given from each:

Daughter: “Cooking inspires me to want to cook more!”

Son: “Cooking lets me spend time with my mom and its fun!”

So, there you have it folks, the pure sweet words from my own kids that they love cooking and this should help convince you that you should engage your own kiddos in cooking as well.

My husband is a strong, passionate, funny and tough man. Extremely talented with electronics and building things. He is my biggest fan and supporter! Each of us have different strengths that we bring to the relationship that makes us very strong and compatible. We also make an amazing team in the kitchen. He is the grill/smoker master and makes the best scrambled eggs! We make an awesome team and can conquer anything together. Love you baby!

When did I know I wanted to cook and bake?

I have been in Business Operations and Analysis – various roles my whole professional career. I am very organized and multitask well. Efficiency is my middle name and analysis and data my thing. LOL! If you hadn’t noticed I am also very funny! Strangely enough, even though I am so analytical, and operations driven, the kitchen is the one place I am able to let all the “grey” in and I am never afraid to try something out. Once I took that first step to changing a recipe it has snowballed from there!

At home, I have always loved cooking and baking and over the years have become more and more creative while I am in the kitchen. I made my first Pecan Pie in Middle School and have loved cooking and baking ever since then! I have never been good at following a recipe because I have always thought well, I love chunks of tomatoes so why can’t I change the recipe to have diced tomatoes instead of pureed tomatoes. Who says that is not allowed? So, slowly but surely, I got braver and started changing little ingredients in recipes that I had. My creativity paid off and they have turned out so much better! As I said in my first post, they don’t ALWAYS come out perfect the first time, but they do eventually.

How do I figure out what I want to make?

When I am watching a show or hear someone talk about some type of delicious dinner they have had or are going to have, I think “hmmm, wonder if I could make that?”. So, I grab a cup of hot steaming coffee and plop down in front of the internet, and start researching the dish. It is not unusual for me to sit on the internet for 20-30 minutes or so and pull up the same dish made by several different people and read through how they made their dish.

My analysis usually includes:

  • What ingredients are they using – expensive? Or reasonable? Can I swap out the type of meat with minimal issues?
  • How much prep time is this going to take me? (let’s be honest, we do need to worry a little about this with our busy lives)
  • Do I already have most of the ingredients?
  • What is in there that I know my family will turn their noses up at – Again, feeding two elementary school kids, they want delicious not fancy
  • What can I add into the recipe to make it my own?
  • How easy will it be to double or triple my recipe, so I can freeze for another meal

Now we reflect:

Everyone cooks and bakes differently based on their own personal tastes. Here is what I want you to think about. How do you like your food? When you order something at a restaurant do you special order – Do you ask them to hold something? Or add more? And next question…how many times have you had to send your order back or just pick off what they didn’t hold? So why not learn how to make delicious foods that you know you and your family will devour and savor.


Now that you know a little more about me and my family I hope that you will be eager to try out some of my recipes to come. I really do encourage more family cooking and increase your creativity in the kitchen as it can be so rewarding. Yes, It is a little scary to modify something in print that tells you how to make an already delicious dish. But I am here to show you that it is ok to take that leap and encourage you to try. I am the type of person that really enjoys hearing what others are doing and working on. Ask me questions, send me pictures tell me your successes and failures! I might learn something from you too! Hopefully by now, I have you hooked on my new site with my entertaining way of speaking so you will be inclined to comment and tell me some of the thoughts you have. I really welcome a warm and invigorating place to spark creativity and community.

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