Kitchen gadgets – Crock-Pots

The first item that I am going to share with you is something that helps me make hearty and delicious meals. I am also able to multitask in the kitchen for holiday meal cooking.

The actual Crock-Pot that I have is on Amazon and is an older model but is amazing and very trustworthy. During the summer will use a couple times a month and in the winter two to three times a week. LOVE IT!! If you decide to take the Crock-Pot to work for a pot luck or something, you can snap the lid down for travel. Best thing ever! I have had my trusty Crock-Pot for about 8 years. So I highly recommend this specific model!

Best Crock-Pot ever!

It looks like there is a newer model if this same type of Crock-Pot also on, It is a little more expensive but it looks like you can enter the specific amount of time you would like to cook your food and it will auto shut off. That is a pretty cool new feature. Still has the locking lid which is great.

I think that the first one I put up with the temperature turn on switch works perfectly well and it looks like it is at a discounted price right now. But if you want to splurge and go for the fancier model – go for it!

If you would like something a little smaller for heating up a sauce or some veggies, I also have this little 3-Quart guy that I just love!

If you do get the Crock-Pot, let me know how you like and what your thoughts are! Also, what was the first thing you decided to make in the one you selected!

Until next time!