Calphalon Performance Convection Oven, Air Fryer, Countertop Toaster Oven

“A recipe has no soul. You, as the cook must bring soul to the recipe.” Thomas Keller

Cooking is an art, precision and accuracy make it perfect. Usage of branded appliances in the kitchen for optimum results of taste and aroma is a need of today. Make your life easier and buy a Calphalon oven toaster, a reputable brand making kitchen accessories for long enough to be trusted.

An amazing masterpiece of Calphalon with prestigious looks and non-substitutable performance is here for you now. This perfectly manufactured device will replace all the extra machines in your kitchen and will take over. The extraordinary range of cooking options makes the kitchenware better than any in the market.

Not only this but also the durable structure is consumer-friendly and leaves not a single percent aroma in the food while cooking at high temperature. Compact but spacious design to serve your family with optimum taste food. Enjoy healthy cooking without oil in the Calphalon countertop oven in no time. A best friend to keep in your kitchen.

Calphalon Performance Convection Oven, Air Fryer, Countertop Toaster Oven

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  • Brand: Calphalon
  • Color: steel gray
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Style: convection oven+ air frying, toaster
  • 11 precision cooking functions
  • Quartz heat and Turbo convection technology
  • Dimensions: 18.7 x 16.1 x 11.6 in
  • High contrast LCD screen
  • Includes Air Fry Basket, Durable Nonstick Pan, Wire Rack, and Removable Crumb Tray.
  • 21.7 pounds

Extraordinary quality and enormous quantity oven toaster by Calphalon, fulfilling almost everything you need. Bake, broil, roast, toast anything that is in your mind just let the Calphalon convection countertop serve you in worthy quality and no time. Perfectly manufactured, space-saving kitchenware, all in one design. Highly technological and technical specs but simply amazing and easy to use and convenient to place. Have it love it.

Oven Bake: The Calphalon air fry oven is based on traditional wood-fired ovens techniques. This design ensures that the interior air circulates freely, heating the food evenly, achieving a result: crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Best results are

360º cooking: The advanced over-position design of Calphalon heaters allows for optimal heat distribution. The double quartz heat technology on the upper and bottom of the oven allows achieving the best cooking results, ensuring that the food is baked evenly and perfectly both inside and outside.

Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside: Steam is generated during the cooking process to achieve exceptional results when baking bread or with pastries, you can prepare your tastiest recipes while saving energy at home. The Calphalon oven is highly equipped with turbo convection technology increasing the speed of cooking and enhancing the quality of taste and aroma.

Stay healthy: Easy to use Calphalon air fry toaster, let you choose the desired program predefined in the system. 11 preset professional functions increase the range of cooking that is Air Fry, Bake, Roast, Broil, Toast, Bagel, Dehydrate, Pizza, Reheat, Keep Warm, and Defrost. Enjoy healthy food without the need for oil, make extra fluffy doughs and bread with the best texture.

Capacity and durability: The extraordinary convection cooking machine is best for a single serving and also worthy to make meals ready for the whole family in no time. Best friend in a time of need especially for urgent guests. A highly durable stainless-steel body is safe from getting heated from the outside and keeps the air inside. Looks fragile but stays with you forever.

Our opinion: Viewing the superb qualities and extravagant looks of the Calphalon Convection Countertop oven, it has become obvious that no other oven can stand in the competition. Highly technological features like quartz heat and convection system will amaze you with tremendous performing skills and restaurant-quality food, making the whole place filled with aroma. Just make the food in seconds without being worried about the uncooked or catching smell from the oven, as the stainless-steel body is amazing at any temperature. Superb functioning air fry is an enhanced and extra spec added by Calphalon to make your cooking life even easier and faster.

Enjoy fast baking on a rainy day or at midnight with this silent countertop baker. At the ease of your home, this portable cooking device gives lifelong durability and enhanced techniques of cooking and serves the whole party. Preheating element is amazing to make your things even faster. The large capacity toaster seems fragile and smaller from the outside increasing the elegance of your kitchen. Best design ever in the name of quality, quantity, innovation, and performance. Calphalon masterpiece is now in town so rush to buy.


  • highly powerful design to create a better and quick crispy textured food.
  • 40%faster quartz heating system than normal conventional ovens.
  • Better performance and even baking with conventional technology.
  • 11 presets help take the guesswork out of cooking.
  • Enhanced beauty and enabled interior light for high convenience in cooking.
  • Portable and compact design to keep on your countertop and change the position whenever needed.
  • A wide range of accessories make cooking easier, that is anything anytime.
  • The durable and reliable stainless-steel structure won’t rust or corrode in near future.


What is the interior capacity of the Calphalon convection toaster?

The oven is quite spacious to prepare for the whole family or serve one. The interior dimensions are 12.5″ x 13″ x 4.47″.

Is it possible to cook a 5pound chicken in this kitchenware?

Yes, Calphalon can easily accommodate and roast this size chicken in a 13 x 9inches pan. Easily adjustable and deep enough to perfectly cook the chicken.

Can the preheating procedure be skipped by double-clicking the start button?

No, preheat is necessary and you can’t skip it, making the food better and faster. However, the bagel and toast functions don’t require preheating.

Is there a manual included with the Calphalon stainless-steel, oven?

Yes, the package comes with a manual making your cooking even easier. The manual is in the English language.

Does the hat come out of the Calphalon door?

The oven door has a rubber lining ensuring all heat remains inside the oven to give optimum results. Also, it doesn’t let the device heat from outside.

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